Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visualizing a Sunny Day!

Right now, it's lovely out. I'm not sure about the temperature, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. All around Jersey City the trees are beginning to bloom and daffodils are popping up their shiny, yellow faces.

I love Spring.

The other day, while exploring one of my favorite thrift shops, I stumbled on a small, framed print. It was an art work of the Boat House in Central Park. Not sure of the original medium, but the Japanese Magnolias were in bloom and all the little, toy boats were sailing around. It's a wonderful, colorful picture.....and of course I bought it. I've scoured the Internet, searching for it, because I'd love to know more about it, but luck, so far.

Any way, it's such a lovely, little scene and I realize it's that time of year! The trees are beginning to bloom and the people will be sailing their little boats, again!

So I am planning, on Monday or Tuesday, to make a trip into the city. I'm taking my camera! I want to get a shot from the same angle as my little print. So I'm visualizing an amazing day with sun shining and birds singing! I love Central Park in Spring.

Since I haven't taken any pics there, yet this year, here's one I took last year around this time!

Daffies in Central Park

Happy Spring, everyone!



  1. Happy spring indeed to you Bettina!!

    Today is our first day of really 'feeling' like spring here in lower, central Michigan...just glorious out there right now!

    This is when I simply love going for walks in the woods, all the sprites and faeries are flittering's fun to look for their little houses and hidaways!! The moss, the smell of the earth, gently uncovering the new sprouts, it's magical!

    Oh, and I've popped out this player and even play it at work, LOL It is cheerful and catchy, and I love it! I'll be singing '...we're painting the roses red...' all day!!


  2. LOL..aren't these songs cute? I'm always singing "Cats and rabbits...etc" in my head! Just light and cheery!

    Thanks, so much for stopping by! Did you see that I changed my mind about my old blog? I'll be updating both, as frequently as possible. Really getting back into things. Spring has a way of bringing me out of my shell. :)