Monday, April 25, 2011

Robbie Goes to the City!

A group of us took the PATH into "Wonderland", the other day. We had lunch at "Eataly", a restaurant/grocery store on 23rd St. Whatever they serve you, you can buy the ingredients for, right there. It's huge, noisy and rather amazing. The word "crazy" kept coming up. I've never seen anything quite like it and we had a blast, eating great food, sipping wine and watching people shop for groceries. Wine-sipping was, of course, limited this trip, as we had responsibility for precious cargo.

Robbie slept for a while, then woke up, staring at all the food on the table. At three months he finds other-people's food fascinating, though he only drinks "Mommy Juice", right now.

Doesn't he look like "The Flyling Nun" in that picture? Could he be cuter? His Aunt, Natalie, was very considerate to put a napkin on his head to keep the crumbs off, don't you think?

All in all, it was a wildly pleasant adventure and I hope to go again, soon.

Robbie has gone with his Mommy and Daddy back to West Virginia...sigh... We're SO missing him!!!

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